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In Attempts to Decrease Subjectiveness in Backlog Prioritization

The coolest part of working in IT is MVP creating—a mass of ambiguity when every right way to go is one of the thousands of the same rightness. Test, throw away, and forget as a bad dream making a new prototype. But no fun is endless; after that, any product team should see the whole picture of where to go next in the most transparent way possible. The prioritization has begun.

The Definition of Done for Digital Product Releases

How boys release: the impulse to add a feature → release
How men release: use HADI (Hypothesis →Action → Data → Insights)

UX/UI and Cinematograph

Everybody likes cinematography. Somebody perceives it as entertainment only. Another group of people works in this industry. But as being a Designer you just can’t miss the opportunity to learn something from movies (yeah, there is so much stuff to grasp of). And yep, as you have guessed already, I am a big moviegoer (if you can read in Russian, you are welcome to my Telegram channel Douglas Firs, or just check out my Letterboxd). Anyway, let’s dive into it!

Designer-Developer Relationships

As designers, we need to trace how our design will be implemented. We need to collaborate with many teams and especially the team of developers. All these people have their own areas of responsibilities, and we must strive to not get in the way of them. But we need to prepare the ground, so they would not do something unpredictable and wrong with the results of our work. And I don’t speak in terms of arrogance now. No. I just want to say all things (bad or good) which can happen with our design when we have passed it, for instance, to developers depends only on ourselves.